Spořilov - history

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City districts Roztyly and Spořilov have interesting fate. Roztyly actually doesn´t exist. Maybe each inhabitant of Prague knows Spořilov, but it isn´t on the administrative partition map of the city. Roztyly is reminded as early as in year 1185 - with Záběhlice. Former Roztyly were situated in north-west side of today´s Spořilov and later this part was called “Lower Roztyly”. On the south of Spořilov was a court - called “Ovčín”, today´s “Upper Roztyly”, now with vast area of the housing estate, build in 80´s. This part reminded only by two streets in old part of Spořilov - Roztylské square and Roztylské sady.Not far from these places is the underground station called “Roztyly”.

North of Spořilov there is a pond called “Hamerák” (Hamerský rybník). In February 1960, during the cleaning of the pond bottom, there was found remainder of the former citadel, consist of several rooms size 11 x 7 meters with the floor made of bricks paving stone and wood floor as well. It was belonged to the bishops of Litomyšl. First mention of this fortress is from 1389. In the period of 1407 to 1408 king Václav IV sometimes stayed there. This citadel was destroyed during Hussite wars in 1420.

Spořilov pertained to modern part of Prague. Primary Spořilov was a town of houses with gardens built in 1925-1931. It pertained to Prague XIII after some time. On the central square (Roztylské square) is the functionalist church - St. Agnes of all Czech patrons. Since 1959 the number of inhabitants had increased rapidly, because during this time Spořilov II was built up.